Manzanita Leaf Earrings
Manzanita Leaf Earrings
Manzanita Leaf Earrings

April Ottey

Manzanita Leaf Earrings

With these earrings, the leaves do all the talking! Cast Manzanita leaves in sterling silver are suspended from 2” wires. These beautifully delicate earrings are lightweight and quite comfortable. 

The round leaves of Manzanita trees are spellbinding—gorgeous and tactile, sturdy but delicate. And yet, the leaves are usually the least admired aspect of these strange trees. The Manzanita’s bell-shaped flowers and berries are edible and sweet; its reddish, peeling bark is singularly striking; its twisted branches are so unique that florists commonly incorporate them into arrangements. 

  • Material: recycled sterling silver
  • Finish: oxidized
  • Total length: 3"
  • Leaves: 1" x 1"
  • Ear wire backs

April Ottey is a Port Townsend, WA based jewelry artist whose work explores the transformative power of nature. She focuses on the intricate details of the natural world—the architecture, texture, and shape of natural artifacts—in order to draw attention to the beauty surrounding us that we too often overlook.