Art by Ciara carnation milk print

I have always loved creating art. While I'm now based in Bellingham, Washington, when I was a little girl growing up in Guam I would spend hours doodling, dreaming up worlds, and bringing them to life.

My art is rooted in my culture and the beautiful island I'm from. Guam is a mixing pot of the native Chamorro culture, as well as people from all over the Pacific islands, Asia, and the US mainland. I've been influenced and inspired by each of their different styles and flavors, and formed into something all my own.

I create all of my artwork with the goal of empowering and uplifting you. I hope my art reminds you to be light and to love with yourself. I hope it inspires you to be kind and supportive of other people. I hope it encourages you to find what we have in common, while also recognizing and celebrating our differences. And most of all, I hope my art delights you and puts a smile on your face!