Little Sun by NoiseCat Art

Noisecat Art

Little Sun by NoiseCat Art

Sun is a symbol of creation and life’s energy. In some stories the Sun is a person whom people seek out looking for assistance and his knowledge of the world. In many coastal myths, the sun is a metaphor for enlightenment and knowledge.

Each piece is molded and cast individually, therefore no two are alike. Variations in surface texture, shading, bubbles and various other inconsistencies are the character and the natural beauty of cast glass and are not to be considered flaws or defects.

NoiseCat Art

Ed Archie Noisecat's work is inspired by the stories that comprise his life—the people, tricksters, tragedies and triumphs of the Indigenous experience. He works in many media, including wood, bronze, silver, gold, glass, print and more. His work is intimate, intricate and vivid, and he takes immense pride in his craft.