Blue with Black Wrap Glass Earrings by Kait Rhoads

Kait Rhoads LLC

Blue with Black Wrap Glass Earrings by Kait Rhoads

Long wire earrings, tank blue with black merletto wrap 

About the artist:

I grew up on the water of the Caribbean in a ship with my family where my deep affinity for biological systems began. I lived surrounded by nature; the liquid light and aquatic life imprinted upon my senses. The sculptures I create emanate from my early experiences within and curiosity about the natural world. While exploring the waters around Bali, I experienced the extraordinary biodiversity and extensive architecture of coral colonies there. This has been a deep influence on my sculptural forms and process of making.

The cold, deep green waters of Puget Sound are a more recent source of inspiration in my work.  Since moving to the Northwest over two decades ago, my fascination extended from coral colonies to kelp forests. Seaweed’s pliable forms continually inspire me—they stretch up from the depths, undulate in the shallows, and lie on tidal surfaces. Aquatic life infuses my sculptures with animated forms, sparkling surfaces and faceted exoskeletons.