Streaming Canzoni by Sally Prangley
Streaming Canzoni by Sally Prangley

Sally Prangley

Streaming Canzoni by Sally Prangley

Canzoni, the Italian word for songs, are small table top sculptures with a surprise- gently shake one and you’ll hear a pleasing sound. These solid multi-sided sculptures are intended to be handled, shaken, and placed on whichever side pleases you. Paper-based and finished with a clear sealant for protection, Canzoni are filled with a variety of dry materials that make noise when shifting about inside.

  • Streaming Canzoni
  • 6" x 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Made from paperboard and handmade paper
  • Finished with clear sealant for protection

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Sally Prangley spent her childhood drawing, sewing, picking blackberries, learning to cook, reading, and riding her bike. She later attended college at Northwestern University in Chicago and grad school at George Washington University in Washington DC. After several years in corporate life concurrent with showing her artwork in galleries, Sally realized life was much happier in the studio than in the meeting room and switched careers. She’s been happily creating artwork from her home-based studio for decades now.