Coho Salmon 8/100 by Joel DeTray
Coho Salmon 8/100 by Joel DeTray

Joel DeTray

Coho Salmon 8/100 by Joel DeTray

This limited edition signed and numbered etching by Joel DeTray features the quintessential Pacific Northwest Coho Salmon. This very special piece is a must for art collectors, nature lovers and fish "a-fish-ionados" alike. 

  • Number 8/100
  • 8" x 6"
  • Printed on 100% rag content archival paper

Joel DeTray is an artist and goldsmith living on Dyes Inlet in Bremerton, WA. A graduate of Western Washington University, Joel received a Fine Arts degree in Studio Drawing and Painting. He went on to own and operate a working Intaglio Printmaking Studio/Gallery in Spokane, WA. Printmaking is Joel's passion; focusing on artistic creativity, discovery techniques, and expression. The detail of his original prints (etchings, dry points, monotypes, and linocuts) are direct, expressive, and easily translatable. He is known for his "artist's touch" an innovative and imaginative style.