PB Color Answer Book by Leatrice Eisman

Lea Eiseman

PB Color Answer Book by Leatrice Eisman

For the past twenty-five years, color authority and best-selling author, Lee Eiseman, has spoken to thousands of consumers and professionals about the influence of color on our lives. Now she provides expert answers for all of us who want more color in our lives to more than 100 of the most commonly asked questions - in all areas from decorating to health, from fashion to gardening, from families to work - all in one beautiful guide to color. Illustrated with color photographs throughout.

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Lea Eiseman is a color specialist who has been called "the international color guru." Her color expertise is recognized internationally, especially as a prime consultant to Pantone, the leaders in color communication and specification. She has helped many companies to make the best and most educated choice of color for product development, brand imaging, interior/exterior design, fashion and cosmetics, or any other application where color choice is invaluable to the success of the product or environment. Lee is also involved in color and trend forecasting for both fashion and home.