Twinkle Framed Mini Print by Carrie Goller

Carrie Goller

Twinkle Framed Mini Print by Carrie Goller

Part of the Carrie Goller series of vibrant, detailed creatures in watercolor, now available as a high quality giclee print framed in small frames.

Measures 3.75" x 4.75", 1.5" deep

From the artist:

Goller is inspired by simple, sensuous organic forms and the realm of colors, shapes and textures found in nature. Her thoughtful approach to subject matter can be evidenced from her tender still life work, along with a passion for rendering impressionist oils of daily life.  From her Bainbridge Island and Hood Canal studios she transitions within several genres and multiple media, including oil and pastel, as well as ancient mediums such as encaustic (molten pigmented beeswax) and egg tempera.  Goller’s approach tends to be experimental with leanings toward the classical.