Magnetic Cornucopia by Leah Gerrard - Modern Airhead

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Magnetic Cornucopia by Leah Gerrard - Modern Airhead

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A small and easy way to display your air plants! It is the perfect size to not overwhelm the beauty of each plant while still being so striking to not go unnoticed! This piece is magnetic to help your ease of display possibilities!

Denise Stoughton is a Bainbridge Island interior designer who also designs and develops unique home décor products. She brings her love of design, decoration and home décor to her Modern Airhead line of wall art planters.

Leah Gerrard uses steel wire and found objects to create abstract sculpture. She attempts to connect with viewers through form. She is telling a story, while at the same time hoping the viewer will find their own story through hers.

She loves the opportunity to combine organic weather-worn materials into her work, in her larger pieces she often incorporates river rocks, rusty chains, and rough lumber. When she was approached by Denise about incorporating an actual living plant into her work she was really intrigued.

The first time they put some sample pieces together it just instantly made sense. Leah loves the life and warmth they bring to her work.