Steel Salmon King by Ed Archie Noisecat

Noisecat Art

Steel Salmon King by Ed Archie Noisecat

When evening descends and the people gather in the longhouse, Frog begins the accompaniment to stories told by the elders, earning the nickname ‘storyteller.’ Frog symbolizes the ability to adapt, change and transform, and lives in two worlds above and below the water. In springtime, Frog’s songs are a sign for people to put away winter activities and prepare for a new season.

NoiseCat’s frogs began as a chunk of wood which he carves with adzes and chisels, many of which he has made himself. He then casts the piece in his kiln, using high quality Gaffer leaded and uranium crystal. The casting process is so precise that you can still see the grain of the wood and the tool marks in each piece. 


NoiseCat Art

Ed Archie Noisecat's work is inspired by the stories that comprise his life—the people, tricksters, tragedies and triumphs of the Indigenous experience. He works in many media, including wood, bronze, silver, gold, glass, print and more. His work is intimate, intricate and vivid, and he takes immense pride in his craft.