We Are Wolves Steel Tag Necklace by NoiseCat Art

Noisecat Art

We Are Wolves Steel Tag Necklace by NoiseCat Art


 Classic NoiseCat “We Are Wolves” design etched into a heavy duty 1” x 3” tag, .119” thick. Made of hot-rolled carbon steel, it has a beautiful blue-gray finish that contrasts with the revealed steel when etched. The color of the etched design changes from silver in shade to bronze tones in direct sunlight. A light clear coat is applied to guard against rust on etched surfaces. The tag comes on a 16″ ball chain but can also be used as a fob on any key-chain.


Box included 

NoiseCat Art

Ed Archie Noisecat's work is inspired by the stories that comprise his life—the people, tricksters, tragedies and triumphs of the Indigenous experience. He works in many media, including wood, bronze, silver, gold, glass, print and more. His work is intimate, intricate and vivid, and he takes immense pride in his craft.