A 13th Century Fortress for Us by Fatima Young

Fatima Young

A 13th Century Fortress for Us by Fatima Young

Original landscape painting by Fatima Young.

Oil on wood block, 6" x 6"

From the artist:

How fortunate I am to be able to blend my love of hiking and nature with my skills as a Studio Impressionist. One might say it’s my evolution to becoming more of a Plein Air Painter. Studying nature at its purest is gold to me. Reducing the complex forms of the outdoors into simple shapes and strokes is letting the viewer fill in the blanks and form the relationship.

My focus is to create magical vivid movement in a moment of time. To execute, I use thin water soluble oils to set the mood, my palette knife for texture and bold chroma to bring out light and dark contrast. I recapture the moment in much larger studio paintings, pushing the boundaries.