The Chris Maynard Collection

Chris Maynard has worked with feathers as a medium since he was twelve. His unique feather shadowboxes are recognized by art collectors, bird lovers, and a wide variety of people from around the world. He only has time to turn a small portion of his ideas, which fill many notebooks, into his shadow box feather designs. His favorite tools are the tiny eye surgery scissors, forceps, and magnifying glasses passed down by his eye surgeon father. Maynard combines his strong backgrounds in biology and ecology into not only his art, but also a tabletop book and engaging and informative talks on the beauty, function, and meaning of feathers.
His 2017 solo exhibition at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art set attendance records for the museum and the BIMA Store is fortunate to be able to continue to carry a small selection of his work. Help a wall near you take flight today with work by this unique Olympia, WA artist.