Wire Birds by Shelli Markee
Wire Birds by Shelli Markee

Shelli Markee

Wire Birds by Shelli Markee

Take flight with these enchanting and whimsical wire bird sculptures by multi-medium artist, Shelli Markee. Wall-mounted birds magically attach with just one small nail as if in flight. Birds on a rock are a wonderful addition to any desk or table. 

Average 14" wingspan. 

Each bird is handmade and one-of-a-kind. 

From the artist:

Shelli’s work is a pure expression of her life—a simple life dedicated to family, friends and creative expression shared with others. 

With a deep background in photography, fashion, garden design, and music, Shelli first explored jewelry and metalsmithing at Pratt Institute in Seattle in 2005.  It was there she found herself captivated by this amazing medium that allows her to share and evolve her unique sense of style—and her love affair with metalwork continues to grow each day.