Thunderbirds by NoiseCat Art

Noisecat Art

Thunderbirds by NoiseCat Art


Thunderbird is a creature of great power and prestige said to roost on top of Black Tusk Mountain in the Stitlimx territory now known as Whistler. It creates thunder and lightning by flapping its mighty wings.

Fused or kiln-formed glass is assembled and heated in a kiln where the glasses soften and fuse together. Fusing art glass almost always results in the formation of some air bubbles. And handcrafted sheets may have variations in color between sheets, even with their highly controlled mix. These inconsistencies contribute to the character and beauty of finished glass-work and must not be considered flaws.

NoiseCat Art

Ed Archie Noisecat's work is inspired by the stories that comprise his life—the people, tricksters, tragedies and triumphs of the Indigenous experience. He works in many media, including wood, bronze, silver, gold, glass, print and more. His work is intimate, intricate and vivid, and he takes immense pride in his craft.