Treatyse by Karen Kunc

Karen Kunc

Treatyse by Karen Kunc

This book is a hybrid form in process and media that grafts and complies vignettes alluding to historical texts on gardening. The images are graphically vibrant, with inherent energies and rhythmic flow of natural progressions and ornamentation, suggesting the ‘tree of life’, twinning vines, the philosophers stone, and cascading floral abundance. Between are ‘horror vacui’ spaces of text-like swirls and watermarked light writing. Minimal color gradations highlight the structure and flow of the book, while dots & circles activate the eye, and serve as attention points and an alternative language of handmarks, or notations. All brings to mind gatherings of illuminations on specialized knowledge and ‘natural magic’.


Etching, polymer relief, pochoir on handmade paper, letterpress handset type on Japanese paper. Covered boards.

9" x 6" closed, 9" x 36" open.